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Within the white walls of RAM Gallery in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, the installation by Lady Simon, curated by Michelle Yun, consists of numerous stark lines of white yarn which systematically extend to the top of the room from three (also white) impasto-textured paintings on canvas. The sharp strokes shoot upwards to form a delicate chandelier-like shape that seems to barely hang from fragile anchors in the ceiling. The large-scale piece then falls into organic forms, mimicking spider webs or bird nests, which bleed into bursts of color that belong to a soft, earthy palette.

The dynamism and drama woven into the sculpture, aptly named Sculpture One, is inspired by Lady Simon's tumultuous experience of being homeless in New York for the last three years. The piece represents hardship, alongside triumph, over the many challenges he has overcome alone and together with friends among the New York art and nightlife community. The chaos of the sculpture is at times meticulously organized, jarringly tangled, weightlessly refined, and robustly textured. The variety of these elements crescendo into a heavy feeling of hard-earned hopefulness. A home.


together: storyboard for music video

A being in space with eyes forever closed, Ganymede, grips a chalice with animosity. As we zoom closer and closer into the cup, the viewer goes through the portal within. Inside, we see the Heroine, contorting in a pool of light. As she writhes, her body expands beyond her imprisoned realm. The Heroine eventually grows stronger and escapes from the vessel where she emerges onto a post-apocalyptic beach. She explores a desolate, alien city where she discovers an underground gathering. There, the Heroine feels the presence of Ganymede, her creator and jailor. She is consumed by rage. She lusts to annihilate him. The Heroine walks through walls of distortion in her desperate search to destroy Ganymede. There, beyond any and all walls, they finally converge.


No Chill Capricorn: art EVENT DESCRIPTION

Capricorn, the unstoppable goat, works in systematic ways to reach its determined goals - which means CAPRICORNS. HAVE. NO. CHILL. Catering to their industrious spirits, ZODIACK is building an Industrial-themed night. Expect cage-rattling bass from the DJs, brutal live electronic sets, constructionist installations, and interactive performances within the barricades of Trans-Pecos. Come prepared to explore the radioactive meltdown within the depths of Bushwick.



Aquarius, the visionary water-bearer, holds the the substance of life herself, respecting all that is innovative and full of human spirit. Ascend with us through an ethereal space that opens up into the skies and engulfs us with citylights. Submerge into monumental sounds, transcendent performances, sublime environmental visuals, and a very special premiere of CELESTIAL TRAX's music video by ZODIACK. 



Submerge beneath the surface of reality where certainty is found within surreal phantasy. It all takes place at the Piscean Pandemonium. Find kawaii disorientation, no equilibrium. Hypnotic performances, illusive live sets. Sublime DJs, and psychic visuals WET! As you sink into delusional abyss All you ladies pop your pisces like this.


She Who Carries, Aries: art EVENT DESCRIPTION

Fire. Might. The Four Horsewomen will set everything a-light. ZODIACK's 12-month event series comes to a close with the Aries Apocalypse grand finale. Gather into the molten inferno for a night of ferocious energy - featuring Baltimore's TT the Artist with Black Fire Percussion Drumline in addition to cathartic destruction from the brazen warbeats of DJs Byrell The Great, Tygapaw, west coast icon Habibiboi, and Lemon Verbena. Immersive visuals, installations, and performances on this night shall call upon a cleansing fire that will burn and spread like wildfire throughout the entirety of Brooklyn’s beloved Palisades.