A solo art show by Lady Simon, curated by Michelle Yun


{  sculpture and performances by Lady Simon  }
Within the white walls of RAM Gallery in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, the installation by Lady Simon, curated by Michelle Yun, consists of numerous stark lines of white yarn which systematically extend to the top of the room from three (also white) impasto-textured paintings on canvas. The sharp strokes shoot upwards to form a delicate chandelier-like shape that seems to barely hang from fragile anchors in the ceiling. The large-scale piece then falls into organic forms, mimicking spider webs or bird nests, which bleed into bursts of color that belong to a soft, earthy palette.
The dynamism and drama woven into the sculpture, aptly named Sculpture One, is inspired by Lady Simon's tumultuous experience of being homeless in New York for the last three years. The piece represents hardship, alongside triumph, over the many challenges he has overcome alone and together with friends among the New York art and nightlife community. The chaos of the sculpture is at times meticulously organized, jarringly tangled, weightlessly refined, and robustly textured. The variety of these elements crescendo into a heavy feeling of hard-earned hopefulness. A home.

"Simon, however, burns at both ends, admirably rejecting normalcy to focus on his art. He’s a diehard romantic and true punk, which has inevitably made him not just a nightlife star, but a struggling nightlife star. This struggle, however, was the catalyst for Simon’s solo art show, Sculpture One, which centers on his experiences being homeless." - Bullet Magazine

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